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Commercial and Residential Landscaping: Cuba, Missouri

At Erik Lowes Enterprises, LLC d.b.a. Peaceful Valley Nursery the customers always come first. We enjoy working with our clients and building relationships with our community. Hear what our customers have to say about our landscaping services, products and personal assistance. If you like what you hear, we invite you to contact us through our website or by phone.

October 9, 2012

David & Crew,

The White Pines are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow!

Re-mulching & trimming the 53 ‘old’ ones makes them look like new and the additional 17 that were set out today look great. It looks like all 70 trees are fresh and new and manicured. It is simply stunning.

I took pictures of them to email my son in college. Felt like I was taking pictures of a new baby. This angel and that… A whole row…. An individual tree..

Thank you so much for the excellent trees and work.

In 2007 and 2008, we completely rebuilt our home. As the General Contractor, I worked with many companies on this very complicated process. I had worked with Peaceful Valley since they began their business, so for all the landscaping, I gave them a call.

Peaceful Valley’s owner, David Baxter, responded quickly. In just a few weeks, I had beautifully drawn plans and quotes. The project was quite extensive, requiring walls, plantings, sod, preparation for a fountain, bringing in dirt, and designing around a front sidewalk that didn’t exist. It also included the design of a new driveway entryway, new designs around the pool area, and a flagstone sidewalk into and through the back yard.

It was such a help to have David on the project. He drew the front sidewalk, figured out where to place the fountain, and how to terrace the front of our home, which is on a hilly site. He worked hard to coordinate the landscape rock with the rock and brick on our home, and he actually directed some of the construction to help make our home beautiful from the outside.

There is an extra quality to Peaceful Valley Nursery that I found invaluable. When I had a problem, David was always available to help solve it. For instance, we were moving back into our home in January. We were surrounded with mud because the sod could not go in until spring. We have two small, white dogs and I didn’t know how I could handle the mud they would bring in to my new home. David brought mulch, and we completely covered the back area inside the fence so I could let them outside. This was not an extra expense….in the spring, David had the mulch moved to flowerbeds. We also had a problem with drainage (again, living on a hill is not easy). David made sure to install proper drainage and eliminated many problems I had been experiencing for years with water around our home. He even designed a special water drain to drain the water off the pool cover!

Of all the companies I worked with to get our house completed, David was by far my favorite. He keeps it simple…his employees come when they are supposed to come; they work until the job is done; and the price is always what he said it would be. That is the way you want everyone you hire to be, but it is not common. Because of the wonderful work Peaceful Valley did on our home, I also hire them to do the exterior lighting. What a nice addition to our home! We have path lighting, lights up the driveway, and soft lighting around my favorite trees and flowerbeds.

All in all, I would not use any other company except Peaceful Valley.

Cindy W

Dave & Staff--We are so happy with the work you did for us on our landscaping!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!

Erin & Kyle G

Hi David,

Thanks for making me look so good. I could not have done it without you. Hope to see you in the fall.

Kathy H


The landscaping looks great. Your crew did a fabulous job. It’s refreshing to know that there are still professionals out there getting it done.

Good Luck & Continued Success.

Mike K

Hi David,

Thought you might enjoy these pictures from our project last summer.

Thank you for coming and making such a difference in our back yard. You and your helpers were awesome!


John & Sharon B


Thought you would like some before & after pictures.

Thanks so much! It looks awesome.

The H--

Thanks -- Both back & front look nice! Big improvement. Flowers & shrubs are doing good also!

Mavis L

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Erik Lowes Enterprises, LLC d.b.a. Peaceful Valley Nursery provides service to the Greater St. Louis area including in and around:

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